i got really into movies this year. i've always loved movies, don't get me wrong--i grew up dreaming of becoming an actress (practicing acceptance speeches in my bathroom mirror and imagining what it would be like to laugh with regis and kelly about my performances)--but i made a point to watch the movies up for awards this year. there was a period in time where i wanted to become a cinematographer and was going to go to school in california to do so.
then somewhere along the lines, i decided against it, then was an English major, and now i'm in advertising. stay tuned for what happens next.

anyway, back to what we were talking about...

i got really into the films nominated for awards this year. i saw every one with the exception of nebraska (which i wish i really wanted to see) i loved all of them--which was unexpected. i ADORED wolf of wallstreet and would even consider seeing it again (yeah, that graphic, three hour, probably should have been x-rated film) and while it took me having to see it twice, i reallllllly loved her.

i think my favorite part about her was the aesthetic.

those colors--dreamy. but everything spike jonze does is somewhat dreamy. need we forget where the wild things are? that acoustic version of arcade fire's wake up?!

it really is just that. D R E A M Y.

watching the oscars gave me chills. it's just magic. i think that's why i love movies--it shows the magic of every day life. sure, we're not all transported to OZ or volunteering as tribute, but it's seeing dreams and ideas come to life. no matter what i do later in life, i hope that is part of it--just making dreams and ideas come to life.

cheers to lupita, cheers to jared leto. yay for spike, yay for steve mcqueen, HOORAY for all these people. what you do is so. stinkin'. cool.