i love music. i could talk about it, listen to it, watch people perform it, etc etc etc forever and ever. this past year i made some friends who have similar music interests to me and introduced me to even more music and my taste has grown and matured. (embarrassing: my first CD was Clay Aiken... ugh)

i've always loved watching live music especially when it's an artist or band i particularly admire. remember when i saw justin timberlake and my life changed forever?

well for the past couple years i've been in love with arcade fire. are they my favorite band? no. are they up there? definitely. it's been on my bucket list to see them since... well... the first time i heard them.

in fact, a couple years ago when they were promoting the suburbs on SNL, i searched far and wide for a dress like one of the girl's so that i could wear it to my formal. man, that's  dedication.

anyway, they're coming to austin and i am F L I P P I N G out. somehow or another i scored pretty incredible seats and i'm dragging my friend abbey along for the musical spectacular. the set list is everything (including one of my favorite, lesser known songs, Haiti) and ends with WAKE UP! (travis' theme song, may he rest in peace)

if these photos don't get you pumped for me to attend this concert, idk what will. full recap will be happening post april 10th.

OH, and i'm attending two other concerts this month. more on those later.

My Body Is a Cage (Acoustic)
Flashbulb Eyes
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
Joan of Arc
The Suburbs
The Suburbs (Continued)
Ready to Start
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Keep the Car Running
No Cars Go
It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Normal Person
Rebellion (Lies)
The Last Time (The Rolling Stones cover)
Here Comes the Night Time
Wake Up
photos courtesy of here