this just about sums up how i've felt this week.

sophomore year is the year of the slump and i'll be the first to tell ya. and this week more than ever was the slumpiest of the slump.

new york times magazine every week publishes a "meh" list but i feel like i ought to make a bleh list. #1 on the bleh list this week is going to school the week after spring break.

this semester i'm in two classes that are heavily based on creative projects and the other two are heavily math based and i've just been drained. i've come back to my apartment every day and collapsed on my bed to which my roommate cautiously has asked, "...are you... okay...?"

yes yes, i'm fine. but i feel just absolutely kasjdflasndmf... just average. my brain hurts too because i've started to just put a ton of pressure on myself to NOT feel this way. to come up with a million wonderful things and not be discouraged.

i'm turning to this blog to get out of the funk and holding myself accountable to post more stuff/less wordy posts, unless it's a funny story, that makes my brain feel less like a runny milkshake and more like a piñata, full of candy and fun ideas.

BUT before i do that my plan is to completely d i s c o n n e c t for the weekend. one of my good friends/mentors is getting married this weekend and her wedding is the first i'll have been to since i was 6 (!!!) other than that, i'll do a little bit of school work but predominantly just live and not think about the upcoming weeks that stand in-between myself and glorious summertime.

here's to you and hoping that you had a good week.