since first seeing this poster, i've been awaiting the premiere of this movie. i've always loved wes anderson's style (since i saw the fantastic mr. fox trailer for the first time) but i found it hard to watch moonrise kingdom. i loved the style, but i must have been tired and didn't have the capacity to really understand it.
i truly loved grand budapest hotel.

the story was funny, the characters were excellent (ralph fiennes... that guy gets diversity) and of course, it was in classic wes anderson style. the colors were exquisite and it was 100 minutes of a visual vacation for me.

i've been really disappointed lately by the creative community that surrounds me, as well as disappointed in myself. originality is dry. watching this movie was so ridiculously inspiring. i loved the cinematography, the set design and the costumes. wes anderson is obviously a divergent thinker. he does what he wants to and doesn't care what others think. i aspire to live my life more like wes anderson and hope and pray that i get an eye for such beautiful taste as his.

here's one of my favorite videos that's a little more on anderson's style.

OH also, one of my favorite composers did the soundtrack--i've been streaming it through NPR for about a month now. it's so... quirky. i like it.

go see this movie. at least for the beauty that is wes anderson.