i love TV but i have a hard time with binge watching like some people i know. sometimes TV really bores me--it takes a bit to keep my interest. sometimes i forget to watch an episode of X show for a week then i'm off of it and i can't get back on track. sometimes i'd just rather be reading.

as of late, i've found some shows i'm CRAZY about.

my favorite show of all time is without a doubt, homeland. it keeps my attention every second. i wait anxiously during the seasons for the next episode to air.

here is the opening sequence. gives me chills.

over christmas break, i wrapped up breaking bad. it was incredible. vince gilligan is a genius and wrote the show with such detail and so many connections--there was really never a dull moment. every episode was necessary. never before have i cried during a television show until the series finale of breaking bad. walter white is detestable, but you love him and grow such an attachment. he's just doing what he's doing to help his family. he's a tragic hero. i'm tearing up just thinking about it.

i had heard so much hoopla over house of cards i had to give it a try. now THERE'S a show i binge watched. i finished the entire two seasons in about 4 days. i loved it. yes, some of the writing was meh, but it kept my attention. oh, and i have a major crush on kevin spacey. weird, i know, but w/e. watch house of cards and you probably will fall into love/hate with him.

lastly, parks and rec. i was such a devoted fan of "the office" that i immediately wrote off parks and rec before i watched it. i figured it was just trying to be the office, why bother watching something that's not as good. boy, was i wrong. i think this is without a doubt the funniest show on television. you have to be paying attention because every line is clever and has you laughing out loud. this show is well-cast and i adore every. single. character.

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i'm now trying to get into "true detective" because a lot of my friends love it and watch it. i think drama is my favorite tv. OH PS these shows are all available on netflix (in fact, house of cards is a netflix original! cool, right?) if you watch any of these, tell me what you think!