within five minutes of meeting me, you will probably hear about travis.

travis is not who you think he is. no, he's not my boyfriend, not my brother, not my dog, however he is my first true love.

he's my car.

my car is a 1993 LWB Range Rover County, and while I love this little (okay, well rather LARGE), 9-mile to the gallon (yeah... NINE) car, whose best feature is the *incredibly large backseat* (which i've never experienced because i'm the one DRIVING the car...lolz) it may be time to retire travis to Chama, NM--land of the forgotten Land Rovers.

I was driving my car two weeks ago when all of the sudden, the brakes went out. terrifying is one way to describe it, but it wasn't that bad. the car was still able to stop... eventually.

as much as i love almost everything about my car, there's a lot i can't handle. the heat during the summer, the constant stalling out, the fact i can't see out of my back windshield (but hey... i still passed inspection!). i will particularly miss my car's personality--which is terribly like mine. my friend allison, as you may recall the girl i pied in the face, said, "not that you find your identity in your car but... that car is sooo you." yes it's true. when travis is retired, a little piece of me will die; however, isn't that just life?

this is my dad's manual transmission land rover defender (i believe it's 1994) that's out at his ranch, where travis will most likely go to retire. for some reason, my heart will always be attached to a land rover. these unreliable, british cars speak a little bit of my soul (okay cheesy, yes) and most importantly, my spirit of adventure.

oh, also side note, this car above--the spedometer doesn't work. so that's fun.

anyway, with that said, i'll be sad to let travis go. in fact, maybe i won't actually be letting him go, but i do think it's about time i drive a car that's not slightly older than me (travis is 21... YEAH LEGAL!) without a doubt my new car won't be half as cool, but with that said, maybe he can measure up just a little bit. and i'll always have travis at my dad's ranch (and in my heart lolz).

oh, p.s. did i mention i was previously unable to drive my car whenever it was raining? yeah that was fun. still love ya trav.