i can't believe it's already february... but also, i kind of can. i love spring semester and look forward to everything it has to hold. as of late...
we've had two "ice days" where inclement weather prevented us from going to school. my roommate and i took full advantage, enjoying hot chocolate in our cozy room.
my friend grace and i went on the second ice day to Josephine house for some afternoon treats. the aesthetic was so nice. there were windows and white wood everywhere. i had a cookie plate and grace had a walnut torte. both were yum. i think my favorite part was the color scheme.
one of my best friends allison let me pie her in the face for a photo project. i paid her in ice cream sundaes. fair trade i'd say. she's the best.

this week presented some pretty stressful challenges. i made this balloon at the end of the week to remind myself to just go along with it all. everything worked itself out and as always, God is good and worrying changes nothing.
i finished the photo project the next day with my friend abbey. we also blew up some heart balloons because it's officially februrary and time for my favorite hallmark holiday: valentine's.

abbey and i have gotten closer this year just for similar experiences and we live in the same apartment complex. i'm so glad we have. she's always up for an adventure. she's truly an incredible human and a wonderful friend. she's not super into having her photo taken but i snapped this at a candid moment. YEAH. no. fake. laughter.
last but not least, emily and i headed to cool haus. i had a snicker doodle cookie with "FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLE ICE CREAM" yeah. you read that right. it was dank.

happy sunday.