i was curious where this saying came from when it first popped into my head. turns out it was vanilla ice. how could i be so uneducated, honestly...

but this isn't about the history of rap (although, little fact, i can sing along with all 17 minutes & 59 seconds of the jimmy fallon/justin timberlake bit) this is about writing.

coming into college i was an english major. in fact, i was an english major until ~5 days ago when i officially became an advertising major & i am stoked.

my first semester i was in an intensive reading/writing class and an LAH seminar class in which we had to write a paper every week based on a speaker who came to lecture every monday night. i also was co-editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper. i did a lot of writing. my favorite writing was when i had the opportunity to be creative in my writing. in fact, the peak of my writing career was in that LAH class i won $100 one week for having one of the best papers (side note: it was a linguistics paper about the degradation of the english language into hashtags and lolspeak. OH THE IRONY. or should i say...#ohtheirony also side note: that was the most unexpected thing that's ever happened to me and possibly the only award i've ever won other than the Francis Finkbiner in 5th grade and the Journalism one senior year)

with that said, a lot of writing is not an opportunity to do whatever you want and use bad puns and have asides to the reader and use colloquial language and say "and" over and over again for effect. my first paper i wrote in college was actually torn up by one of my peers. she found so many errors that she had a KEY that designated which highlighter color corresponded to which error i made (ouch.)

said peer was also very unamused with my statement on carrie bradshaw's importance to the revolution of the housewife in the early 2000's. let's just say, that was a wake up call. (and other reasons while i'll never include sex & the city in a paper again)
OH also side note--this girl did not tear up anyone else's papers. she "ran out of time after correcting my paper"...gee thanks.
OHHHH and last but not least, i read packets upon packets about homoerotic literary criticisms for that class (one more reason i don't want to be an english major any longer...)

i know my writing on here isn't academic. really and truly how i write this blog is just a stream of consciousness. passive voice is here (heh, see what i did there?) and that's just the way it's gonna be.

one thing i did learn in that english class was the importance of reading and soaking up life. my professor once came to class (there were only 11 students, so we all got to be very close, except said peer of whom i think most people feared) and started crying about 9/11. it was incredible. he told us his wisdom on life. he challenged us. he became our friend. he is a huge inspiration to me on how to live my life and love what you do--also how to stand up for what you believe in.

one of my new year's resolutions is to be more well-read. let me tell you, not off to a very good start (breaking bad is just so addicting...) but i have high hopes.