i've lived in san antonio my whole life, and while at times i dream of moving elsewhere, i have grown to love my city.
people make jokes about san antonio, and the majority of my friends at school are from austin/dallas/houston, but i don't think i'd rather be from any other city. my mom has always been one for adventure and she's immersed me in the city's culture since i was a tot going downtown or going out to the boonies. 

when i was in high school i went through a really angsty phase of how excited i was to escape san antonio and how lame it was. i realize now how much i miss it every day and the fun things my high school friends and i would do. so many picnics at the mcnay (a local, beautiful art museum in an old house that holds pieces such as one of monet's waterlilies and beautiful gardens) or random trips to the botanical gardens; walks at the pearl, or driving around alamo heights. this past weekend i went home to celebrate my sister's birthday that is this upcoming week and we had so much fun. we did things we had never done before and other things we had done, but love.

i always tell my friends, "san antonio is only an hour from austin! let's please go!" but for some reason we haven't made the trek down there yet. i'm looking forward to taking them to the alamo city.
"keep san antonio lame." as if.

we ate lunch at a restaurant i've been wanting to try for a long time that's at the hotel havana called ocho.
this photo barely captures the magical interior.
paige nomming.

i ordered a havanna hippie sandwich: black bean hummus, tomato, sprouts and avocado on some delicious bread with homemade chips. i loved it.
a photo of the exterior of the restaurant. i can't wait to return.
after lunch we walked down the newly renovated portion of the riverwalk to a food cart called the luxury
once getting there and ordering our dessert, they gave us this hippo in place of a "number". the weather was beautiful and i was so excited to finally be trying this place.
what did we order? why a fried snickers, of course! it was delicious.

hungry hungry hippos.

the next day we went and admired the art at the San Antonio Museum of Art which is actually right next door to the luxury. i had learned about many of the pieces in my art history class so it was fun to see them in person.