i made this little graphic for oreos because i've got oreos on the brain.

i once read somewhere that oreos are the worst cookie for you because they're the most addictive. but let's be honest. only girl scouts and oreos are cookies where you say you'll eat just one and then next thing you know you're saying, "i'll just eat one...sleeve." 

one reason i want to be in advertising is to share with people how i see the world & because i want to share my ideas &&&&&& i love to problem solve.

oreo is not a dull product. well it is black and white (ha. ha. ha. dorothy pre-oz) but i mean it doesn't lend much. milk's favorite cookie. good, clever copy but that can only get you so far.

it was oreo's wonderfilled campaign that first caught my eye. it was a cute commercial with a song with that guy from owl city (i say that because you know that's what everyone said when they saw the commercial) and cute animation. 

Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem :90 from Martin Allais on Vimeo.

then later i was having a conversation with my friend emily about who knows what and she said something like, "you should follow oreo on twitter. they have really great social media."

well, what do ya know--they do!
this photo was taken from oreo's twitter when the royal baby was born. they have frequent clever images and tweets.

LASTLY, my mind was blown when i found out one of my favorite artists and youtube videos were part of the same ad campaign for oreo.

which is better? the cookie or the cream. you would go to the oreo website and no matter what--your answer was right. it would respond with a video that said you were correct. videos that participated can be found below. the advertising agency was wieden + kennedy. impressive work. check out their website for some more addicting ads.

jimmy is one of my favorite artists. i wish he could art direct my life.

my friend marshall showed me this video and without the context i died. i then died again when i realized it was for this ad campaign.

are you craving one of those cookies now? i just might be.


p.s. did anyone else think the guards in the wizard of oz were chanting "oreo, orrrreo. o-re-o. oooorrrrreo." or was that just my sister and me?