okay so it's january 19th, by now i'm guessing the majority of everyone has given up on their resolutions. you've lost it due to time, patience or exhaustion. 
i'm not a huge fan of resolutions for that very reason. i think change is good, but sometimes we have these lofty expectations that in the end we make ourselves bitter towards ourselves for our failure.
instead of resolutions this year, i made goals. they weren't all easy goals, nor were they all specific, but they were doable things that would make 2014 well, the year of the peyton. (should i submit this to the people in charge of the chinese new year? i think it might be fun to have a year of the peyton?)
it's only been a little over 2 weeks but i have to say 2014 may just be the best year yet. i've started doing new things, i've taken new risks, i've quit biting my nails, and i've challenged myself.
"idea" has, and will be, a huge word for me in 2014. i want my brain to dream in uncharted territory in order to accomplish some really, really, really big things & making praise a habit for all the wonderful things the good Lord provides.
i hope you too make a list of goals.
do. something. awesome.