ha, as i was typing the title to this post it gave me the thought of cross country running. this post is not exactly about that.

growing up i lived in a small house, no pets, no ranches, no lake houses, no beach houses, nada. whenever i asked my parents why, they'd respond that they preferred to spend the money on vacations.

i grew up going all different places across the country. when i was in the 6th grade i went on a student trip with no one i knew across the mediterranean coast to spain, france and italy (i joke that when i write a memoir, one of the potential titles is "Never Travel to Europe When You're 12 With No One You Know and Other Lessons I've learned, ha) which included a homestay (but that's for another post... and why i want to learn french... just fyi fromage means CHEESE).

i love to travel.

this year i have a couple places on my bucket list that i would love to go to. don't know if my schedule/bank account will allow it but it's fun to dream.

also on the list, the redwood forest and hiking in utah.

would love to go back to san francisco.

and am i the only one who carrie brownstein and fred armisen have basically convinced to move to portland? or maybe they're turning everyone else off? eh.

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