i love brené brown. she is so cool. one of my favorite things to do is watch TED talks and hers is incredible. it's about vulnerability, shame and relationships. we may hate it but vulnerability is really what will get us far in life. like i said a couple of posts ago: it's okay to not be okay. it doesn't make you weaker for letting people know. 

i was doing some research on brown and happened upon this quote she encountered in an interview with the author of eat, pray, love, Elizabeth Gilbert.

            "You can't be creative without being vulnerable. I believe that creativity and fear are basically conjoined twins; they share all the same major organs, and cannot be separated, one from the other, without killing them both. And you don't want to murder creativity just to destroy fear!" 
                      --Elizabeth Gilbert

i didn't think much about the quote at the time, but it's been 4 days and it's really stuck with me.

it's always the easiest to see other people's successes and compare them to your failures. that little voice in your head is a real pain. not only does this comparison rob you of joy (LOL heard that before?) but it incites jealousy.


this was a draft of a post i wrote about a week or two ago. i've been learning a LOT about creativity the past two weeks in my class that is guessed it... "intro to creativity." today we watched a TED talk with elizabeth gilbert and i was racking my brain "where have i heard that name before..." and alas, i remembered this post!

now that i'm in a major i enjoy, i'm taking classes i like. i think this one based on creativity is my favorite.

i started this project called an idea journal. the professor describes it as "your brain on dead trees." you are illustrating, or jotting down, or giving time to ideas you have that come at all different times of the day. when i started out i was nervous. this idea journal was something i was excited about and so far have really enjoyed doing, but as i began to think about the 172 other people in my class... i felt anxious. my ideas weren't good enough. i wasn't creative. i can't draw.

i think fear hinders us in a lot of ways. and i'm not really sure what it is or why we are fearful. i had a really long conversation with my friend once about vulnerability--we were talking about a relationship she was in and discussing how to be honest and get to a place of contentment without her getting hurt. but it seemed that wasn't a possible outcome. in order for her to be honest, she was going to have to take the risk of getting hurt. but really--what was there to lose? the 50% chance she might get stung a little and then what? what was this fear that she was holding back?

why do i care if people don't like my idea journal? why do i have to govern what's good or what's right by what my classmates fill their pages with? i think we give too much power to things that don't really matter in the end: what programs we do or do not get into, jobs, other's opinions of us...

my hope for you is that you go out on a limb this week and put yourself out there. for some, it could be being honest with someone. for others, it could be showing them something you've made and that you're proud of. let's get rid of fear. because really... what's to lose?