new year new design. hope it's to your liking!

my blog was doing this super weird thing that i couldn't customize the layout. it was definitely time for a change. the colors are pretty girly, but i think that more muted colors can be easier on the eyes.

i've been really busy the past couple weeks on vacations, redecorating my room, resolutions, hosting friends at my house and more.

i love my new room and cannot wait to share photos once it's complete!

i've got lots of ideas for this blog for the future. one big thing i want to make sure is that i'm writing in my own voice. one thing i don't think this blog has really shown has been my sense of humor. 2014 i resolve to be a year of more embarrassing stories (like the time I yelled "NOOOO!" after my first real kiss or the time my first actual kiss was a stage kiss and they guy later came out... #selfconfidence) and self-deprecating humor.

that's all for now ttyl lylas lol ha ha