this is not the last lesson i learned in 2013, however it is my last post.

did nike trademark this saying? let's hope not because i don't want to be in jail for copyright infringement.

people, including myself, are lazy. routines are easy. it's fun just being around the people we're comfortable with. etc. etc. well here's what i have to say 2013 taught me.

i got to do so many cool things in 2013. i got to go to LA and go on so many adventures with my friend rosee. i started this blog. my artistic taste grew because i exercised it in projects. i made so many friends at camp this summer (where i initially did not know that many people...) and i could go on and on and on. here's what though: these things didn't just land on my plate. i made them happen.

starting this blog was scary. it still kind of is. it's weird that i do this but it's something i really love. i love getting to mess in photoshop with a purpose.

rosee and i really didn't know each other that well but she invited me so i bit the bullet and took a flight to california and had a blast.

ask me if i had ever worked with final cut... ask me... I HADN'T. but look where i ended up.

if it's something you love, something you believe in, just do it. jump in. you might fail, but hey, you did it.