i've been thinking a lot about 2013 lately: mistakes i made and how i grew,  how i solved problems, how i reacted to things out of my control, but something i want to talk about right now is how i grew creatively.
this year i felt that i grew immensely in expressing myself creatively and beginning to define my tastes. of course, i think our style is constantly evolving based on current trends, where we are emotionally/physically, etc. but i really defined what i liked and what i don't like.

something that really helped me do this was confidence and believing in myself. you have to believe you have good ideas before you can define your tastes. once you have confidence you just do yo thang, forget it if others don't like your taste, because in the end, it really doesn't matter. defining tastes also means being true to yourself (gag me with a spoon that i just said that cliche) but being true to yourself isn't easy and it's something i wish more people were.

i spent the majority, if not my entire, freshman year looking for a group to associate myself with and define myself by. these things were unfulfilling because they weren't always things i enjoyed doing. after this summer, i had a better understanding of who i am and with that i began to define my taste.

i'm proud to do my thang now and forget the haters (cuz somebody luvs ya...gag me with another spoon that i just did that). i hope that in 2014 you exercise what you believe in and abide by it. who cares if you're different from the crowd? who cares if you get ridiculed? define what you like by what you ACTUALLY like and do the things you love. it's so much more fulfilling.