christmas is such a happy time in the year. i love wearing a flannel for every outfit, and my middle name is christmas lights (ask my roommate, our room looks like it's decorated for christmas year round). i love spending time with family and friends without the pressure of school.
when my friends think of me, i imagine the words "glitter" "confetti" "sparkle" and "overboard" are a couple words that come to mind. i was thinking today what my favorite holiday is--i think it's valentines. valentine's is a day where i can wear 512304 ban.dos and everyone accepts it. pink, red and white are all my favorite colors. but it doesn't take up an entire month. and i love christmas because it gives me an opportunity to be a little more woodsy.
over the next couple weeks you can expect to see chronicles of my baking adventures, tacky sweater parties, a winter wonderland birthday party for one of my best friends, christmas lights, room decorations, gingerbread houses, etc. etc. etc. stay tuned, okay?
my "adopted" aunt/grandmother hand needlepointed my sister and my stocking's when we were born. they are beautiful in person and i wish this photo captured that. kip's... well not sure where that came from.