as you (hopefully) know by now, i love justin timberlake. the other night i was lucky enough to go to his concert in houston with my good friend emily, and as a birthday gift my dad got us KILLER seats. walking into the toyota center in houston i was shaking because i'm a creepy obsessed fan it was so cold.

when we first got there our tickets wouldn't scan and my freaking out in excitement turned into freaking out in terror. i had just taken 5 tests over the course of 3 days and i was not about to be disappointed by something i had been looking forward to for months. ends up our tickets were moved up to the THIRD ROW seats 1 & 2. stuff like this d o e s n ' t happen to me so emily and i literally started praising the Lord.
emily took this photo. we were so close that we had many an interaction with him. we were the only ones really having fun on the floor (also the only sober ones on the floor) but he definitely noticed and interacted with us throughout the concert. in fact at one point, emily got flirty with his trumpeter and he ended up coming up to us when justin was doing a solo song to introduce himself! he then came at the end of the show to talk to us for a little while. emily will probably marry this guy. i call being the maid of honor.
my favorite song he played was probably... nope can't pick. he played everything you would expect and more. from his new hits, to classic oldies (you BET cry me a river was played, and did i tear up a little? well duh) and after a THIRTY ONE SONG SET LIST he retired. there was a 10 minute intermission, but more than anything this wasn't a concert. it was a spectacle.
here are emily & i post concert still in shock of everything that happened. so thankful for my friendship with her and that we got to experience this together.
wow. really all i can say about this experience. let's just say my standards for boys just raised significantly. (ha, kidding... kind of...)

peace, love, and jt 4eva,