so my hair is finally getting past shoulder length and i'm excited for what to do next. i'm getting a little bored though--in which case i normally decide to chop it all off. (i love alexa chung's length) i want to experiment a little this time with my hair color (my dream is to go platinum bleach blonde similar to what jihan from geronimo balloons did--idk if i'll ever be that gutsy)
i really want to try ombre but not sure how to do that. i don't want to go so it looks like i have roots growing out but i also don't want half my hair a weird yellow color. i figure if i ombre really long hair then if i'm upset i can just cut it all off.

as of late i've been thinking about other hair changes. we'll see what i end up deciding.
for now i'll have this mop/consistent top knot on top of my head.