if you follow me on instagram then you know that i'm into forts. i've made 3 this semester alone. clearly, i have a too much free time a hobby and a gift for ..."architecture."

i have a thing for whimsical hiding places. okay, now that sounds corny but i've always wanted a tree house in my backyard. when i went to visit my dad's new ranch he told me that he was commissioning a professional tree house builder (...i know... but also is that what they're called? tree house architect? idk) then i started thinking about how fun would it be to travel to oregon or washington or even san francisco (i'm dying to go to portland...side note... more on that later) and stay in a tree house? i mean...you CAN do that, you know.

that's one of my favorite things about my room. it is the bedroom with the most windows (3/4 of the walls are covered with windows) and with the trees it feels like being in a tree house. in the spring, beautiful bougainvillea blooms right outside my window and when the light floods into my room in the morning, it has a pink tint. it's beautiful.

check out these places of lodging. and if you're like me... drool over them.