holding up my heart--mayan ritual, HA. there's one of my many ban.dos in my hair.
last saturday i bought a spontaneous ticket to LA in order to visit one of my friends, rosee. the goal of the trip was to jam pack as much adventure and fun as we could into 48 hours. well i did my research and she did the driving and we ended up all across LA doing some pretty wild things.

rosee is fulfilling my dreams of working at ban.do--an accessory company specializing in all things glittery and wonderful. i've been following ban.do since the beginning and have quite a few ban.do items myself. in fact they're my signature.

rosee knew how much i loved ban.do so we got to go past the studio and i got to meet the ladies behind the magic. i would love to work for them someday and will keep my fingers crossed. what a dream.

when we were there the founder, jen gotch, let us borrow one of their piñatas and she put together a bag of goodies (filled with sparklers, confetti, and a confetti cannon that's all sitting on my desk right now) we ran to the paul smith wall (which was on my extensive to-do list) and snapped some shots.

more details of the trip to come.
not big on hugs, but DUH i'll hug a big heart piñata. this is me. a pink, heart piñata--it's like my spirit animal or something.

meet rosee!

one of ban.do's taglines is "have fun, okay?" and we did JUST THAT.