few people know this but when i started thinking about which college to attend, i really wanted to be a cinematographer. i realized i loved making movies because in high school making a video project was not a task but rather something i very much so enjoyed. from the filming, to the acting, to the editing there was not a portion that bored me.

i read macbeth my sophomore year of high school and i remember we had an assignment to present the material from one scene in whichever way we wanted. my partner and i made a video representing the three witches and the famous scene where they state, "double double toil and trouble." since there were only two of us, and there were three witches, i had the idea to use my dog as the third witch--but how could i do that in a way that was not too hoaxy? well through the various angles and moments in the movie i accurately portrayed my dog as the third witch and my teacher LOVED IT. he proceeded to show the rest of the classes (which was a little embarrassing at first because some people just didn't get it, but honestly i don't feel like people are getting what i do about 50% of the time).

this summer i had NO idea i was going to be a videographer. in fact, when i said i wanted to be on the media team i immediately thought photographer. in all honesty, i wouldn't want to go back and switch. don't get me wrong--photography is fun, but the girls and guy that were the photographers were much more skilled and had a history with photos more than i did when i grab my camera and tell people "hey throw confetti at me and i'll take it when a quick shutter speed so we can see what it looks like."

i loved every second of being a videographer, even though the nights were late and sometimes i lost my footage. we used final cut pro at camp (not the most recent version which i've heard is pretty difficult) and i quickly learned and by the end of the summer my videos were rad in that i thought of new methods to present the information. no longer was the roundup (similar to younglife club) portion slow and made you feel heavy hearted. it incorporated exciting parts of round up in addition to those precious moments of worship and incredible talks given by the central staff of the camp.

long story short (a little late for that) i adore making videos. lately i've been trying to edit videos in photoshop... 1)  because you can add cool things like handwritten text to your videos 2) because i just really don't like imovie ever since it upgraded from imovie 6. the teachers of blogshop host a class called video blogshop and i'd love to take it to find out the tricks of the trade; however, for now i'll just focus on *attempting* to teach myself.

here's a really short, video of rosee and me. sometimes it's choppy because photos and videos were being taken simultaneously on the camera and that makes the video pause.