my favorite part of my whole LA trip was the time i spent in shareen vintage.
the gate to shareen vintage

i'm an avid reader of blogs. i've learned so much from other people and have found such inspiration that's molded my style today through the internet. sounds totally geeky, but eh whateva. my all-time favorite blog is designlovefest. bri, the blogger, has mentioned shareen vintage on multiple occasions so when i made my LA to do list, of course shareen was on there.

walking in felt like i was walking into a dream.
it was a huge warehouse filled with vintage dresses in exquisite condition. 
once i stepped into this vintage wonderland, shareen herself gave us a full tour of her warehouse. she was... enchanting. i don't know it was weird--she was so unusual and interesting, i felt like i could talk to her for hours. she was dressed in what she described a grunge 90's, floor length sheer dress and black combat boots. she had this amazing curly hair that made it look like her head was bursting with ideas--and i mean that in the most flattering, glamorous way as possible.

the store was separated into "damaged" items which served as inspiration, and then pristine condition dresses. the damaged section, however, did not have severely damaged items. two of the dresses purchased came from the damaged section, and a blouse and the damage is barely noticeable. pretty nice for a 50 year old garment!

no boys allowed here--because there aren't dressing rooms... (embarrassed face emoji HA)

i'm not a girl to constantly dream about my wedding, let alone have a pinterest board for it... (i find that my pinterest is more of a visual journal than a place for weddings/workouts to throw up all over it) , but the dresses were beautiful. it made me want to wear a vintage dress at my wedding.

overall this place was incredibly inspiring. her set up was beautiful and the girls who worked there were very conscious to trends. i could have moved into this dreamland. honestly wish shareen was my best friend.

of course i did backflips for the folkloric section. my favorite was the gold and pink dress on the top right. it's "we is party" in dress form. the bottom left i ended up buying over the phone because i couldn't stop thinking about it the plane ride back to texas.

if anything this dress up time made me want to be a costume designer. honestly though i wish i could design the costumes for mad men. what. a. DREAM.

i can't wait to take my mom here. she would have a field day. plus everything she touches turns to gold.