the turkey has been consumed (did anyone make the joke #turnupTURKEY because that needed to be done) and the food digested. i had a wonderful thanksgiving--it's a holiday that gets better as i get older. i start to like the food more, enjoy the company more, and definitely take delight in the rest.

above are two vintage native american pins that my mom has. i saw them on her dresser and put them on to signify my day of leftovers. i'm not quite ready to jump into christmas but as soon as december 1st hits i definitely will be. 

my favorite dish yesterday was praline topped sweet potatoes and the chocolate and pecan pie--normally i don't like pecan pie but this... was... incredible.

i won't be posting for a week because i have a crazy amount of school work. but once i survive (literally the moment i finish my last test) i'm hitting the road with emily bound for the justin timberlake concert. our seats are close so i'm holding out for JT to give me a wink.

i hope the rest of your holiday is restful (starting my study binge right about now) and you are getting excited for the christmas season. it's the most wonderful time of the year (eh, actually i think summer is but w/e)