i love taking photos. i'm sure my friends regret the invention of the camera phone because i go crazy. the other night i was with a friend at a coffee shop when i said, "THIS IS SO IDYLLIC, I HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO" to which she buried her head in her hands and could not handle me.

for my birthday this year i bought myself a fujifilm instax mini camera and it was one of the best purchases i've ever made.

my room at school is a very happy place. my favorite section is my designated "happy wall". it's where i've hung up letters, trinkets, and most importantly, my polaroids. while i love digital photos, they are cluttered. they're so easy to take that i forget the ones i've taken and haven't and--well, they're not as special.
here it is--there are some things that need to be added!

lahouie and selena are on here quite a bit! lahouie is here three times in this one shot--HA

i took a ton of polaroids this weekend, and even a photobooth picture, with rosee. i can't wait to add them to the wall/share more about my adventurous trip.

bottom right is my favorite one