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i will be the first to admit that my obsession with clouds is pretty bizarre. i could stare at the clouds for days. any types i love (although partial to the cumulonimbus) and i don't know what it is. i'll take any opportunity to just stop and stare at the sky. my favorite time of day is typically right as the sun is setting and the colors of the clouds change.

i don't know why people spend time looking down and sometimes this obsession of us staring at the screens of our phones gets old fast. honestly though.

clouds are my biggest source of inspiration. clouds are my quirk.

okay so this was a pretty pointless post. but i'm sure you too have quirks. something that you love. clouds are my thing and i know that they're up there just for me sometimes.

well, that's it. sorry. happy friday. take a minute, a deep breath and remember how amazing it is that up above there are tons of water vapor drops making puffy cotton balls in the sky. (okay yeahhh that may be the CHEESIEST sentence ever but w/e you guys. ugh just can't explain in words this phenomenon)