i love music. a lot. my favorite band changes just about every day and i love new music. there are a couple of bands i don't like and will never like (the shins... i'm sorry i just can't) but my taste varies from jay-z to sia to J-T to gregory alan isakov. i would say my taste in music is probably mainstream hipster... i like underground bands but can't really get into suuuper unknown bands if i don't like the music. all time favorite concert? hands down sufjan stevens. bizarre and wonderful.

for the past 4 years i've been lucky enough to get to go to ACL music festival and have had a fun and unique experience each time. this time was interesting. turns out that crumminess i was feeling was PNEUMONIA. so that was cool. it's actually not that bad but it did cause for extreme fatigue and i had to miss the festival on sunday, but that was okay because i got to come home and rest.

my dream is to go to coachella in california. hopefully one day i'll be living out there to make this dream reality.
(many a polaroid were taken--can't wait to add these to the wall in my room)

(grace, emily and i waiting on local natives to play. diggin the lead singer's teal pants. clemmie, where'd you go?)
(excuse my clunky feet, but hey painted my nails and they're lookin much better! anyway, my gurkees and their ombre converse left--a peek into vampire weekend on the right)

i had been DYING to see local natives in concert since early this summer. lucky for me we got to see them and from a pretty decent spot. also we got to see vampire weekend. i went through a HUGE vampire weekend phase but i was never really able to get into their most recent stuff. well NOW i'm right back on the VW bandwagon (VW stationwagon... LOLOLOLOLOL) and have been jamming to modern vampires of the city in travis with the windows down.
(saturday early afternoon was H-O-T. we cooled off with some delicious popsicles from good pop)

when my sickness got the best of me i decided the best road to recovery was to just head on home. so that's what i did. and it was wonderful. i loved getting to spend some time with my mom and sister relaxing, and also with KIP! what a gem.
(he's literally glowing... the heavens are shining down upon my dog)

the weather is finally starting to cool down so i grabbed a blanket and spent some time outside. i had the most delicious strawberry lemonade. i'm a big fan of pink lemonade. always choose the pink option if we're talking lemonade. and this was fresh squeezed strawberry and lemon lemonade. YUM.
(my moleskin is maybe my best friend. lol awk sry my bff is an inanimate object. also my new purse from madewell is FINALLY just what i wanted. and the perfect size)

happy monday!