well i know that i said there was going to be a lot added to this blog and i'd be better about posting, but i've been stuck with a questionable cold the past two weeks and assignments on assignments (five tests in one week... who does that?!) but something i want to incorporate into my blog is featuring some of my friends. coming to college i've met some pretty cool homies (i'm trying to bring homies back, p.s.) who have similar interests (like building forts... lahouie your post is coming soon) and overall just some really creative peeps.

one of those is my friend ANNIE!

(photo courtesy of ze vonderful amy fricks
when i think of annie the first words that come to my mind are sweet and genuine. sweet is a word that is overused, but in this case she really is the SWEETEST. that's why my nickname for her is anniebee--she's as sweet as honey.

annie is a girl with many talents. in fact her bestfriend since kindergarten, tricia, is a girl of many talents too! (literally... they bonded over bringing their stuffed animal/doll to school in their backpack in kindergarten. magic friendships do exist)
(annie & tricia at my birthday party earlier this year)
tricia is a party planning extraordinaire. her's and annie's apartment is wonderful (so i've heard... making it over there FINALLY for the first time this next week!) and just my kind of place. they worked on a paper garland until 4AM once... seriously. these are MY KIND OF PEOPLE! anyway, tricia will definitely be featured in the future because she can whip a wonderful get together with a snap of her fingers.

as i've been sick i've felt pretty out of the loop and just crummy. i'm FINALLY on the road to recovery (i hope) but today i came back to my apartment and found the sweetest get-well sussie from annie!
(homemade cookies & a happy note)
how lucky am i to have a friend who looks out for me like that?!

well annie has a couple of tricks up her sleeve. she's an art major with a skill for script. annie has her own stationery called paper + twine studio  (check out her instagram and her etsy shop!) she made me some stationery for my birthday! if only she knew how much i love writing letters and how much i LOVE THIS STATIONERY.
(top: some birthday cards--i spy annie's! maybe it was my doodles that gave it away. bottom: the most beautiful letter i've ever written thanks to the stationery!)
(i spy paper... and twine. lolz. but seriously... check that stuff out)
(lucky jennifer.. but rly tho)

check out sweet anniebee's handiwork! thankful for that friend.