if you know me at all you know i'm in love with jimmy fallon. maybe it's weird? i don't know--his sense of humor KILLS ME. when people ask who my celebrity crush is it's always jimmy. it was my mom that got me hooked  and i now watch it and laugh quietly on my computer with my headphones in (well that makes me sound weird, but hey...) MORAL OF THE STORY, jimmy is good friends with justin timberlake. i was initially skeptical of JT. he was so detestable in the social network and he just kept popping up. if i had to hear "sexy back" one more time or a parody of it i was going to go insane.

but this summer my life changed.

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i started listening to JT and now i'll never be the same. i'll be doing mindless things and 20/20 will just be playing, but who are we kidding? his best song is hands down cry me a river--hello the album is called JUSTIFIED. THAT IS EVERYTHING--but i also love what goes around comes around. still like i originally said i'm in love with 20/20.

justin timberlake has reinvented himself countless times. he has had the ability to mold with the times--something many stars don't have the talent or capability to do. i think his current look is my most favorite because it's so suave

but also, denim...


i'm stoked because my friend emily and i have killer seats for his concert in december. get ready for some really unattractive pictures of me crying tears of joy.

LOL emily & justin & me takin a cas selfie with his sunglasses (or are they the color changing glasses?) and soft smiles

i think i finally realized i had an issue when i was watching the DCOM "model behavior" on youtube this weekend. new low... or new high? 

timberweek--more like timberyear.

heh peace love JT LOLOLOLOL