midway was the wonderful food trailer park right off 360. i wish we had gone at night as there were lights everywhere. also there was laughter which is the greatest sound of all.
since i moved to austin i have been in search of cool haus. i don't know where i stumbled upon it but i've checked their twitter multiple times and even once saw it driving around austin and started following it until i re-evaluated my priorities and recognized what was wrong in my life--that i was ice cream sandwich obsessed.

ice cream sandwiches may be one of my favorite things in the entire world. no really. cookie + ice cream = explosion of wonderful.

so today i was in desperate need of a sweet treat--but let's be real when am i not in desperate need of a sweet treat. honestly they need to remove my sweet tooth like they did with my wisdom teeth because that sucker is IMPACTED to the core of my being. am i being dramatic? maybe. but no i love sweets. salty is good. greasy, i could honestly live without. but without sweets... i don't even want to know. originally i was on the hunt for a cotton candy stand but that just led my friend Katie and myself to Sketch City. we looked once more for a cotton candy stand only to find a flea market where we were the only ones who spoke english and questionable items were being sold. (note: they weren't really questionable but like... knock off Affliction tees and quince take that as you will) by this time it was 5 and i knew cool haus was open at the food trucks off 360, so once last place i brought katie from the wild goose chase and headed for an ice cream sandwich.
no like really she does
the flavors were unreal. they had cookies of all kinds and then ice cream too. i tried a sweet potato marshmallow swirl and i think my taste buds exploded in the best possible way. the flavors were geared toward autumn (they had pumpkin and we all know how i feel about that but i'm sure it was to die for) so i can't wait to go back at another time. i was torn between the almond nutella flavored ice cream, the sweet potato marshmallow and the salted caramel, but as per usual ended up with my all time favorite ice cream flavor--salted caramel.

left is a chocolate cookie with "dirty mint chip" ice cream which was mint chocolate chip with real mint in it. right is my cookie with a POTATO CHIP BUTTER SCOTCH WONDERFUL cookie and salted caramel ice cream. even the wrappers were edible! so in other words i'm saving the environment one cookie sandwich at a time.
now that i've found cool haus (which i ALWAYS say in my mind hawws... even though it's house... w/e) i'll be going back on the reg. don't be surprised if you see me here tomorrow. LOLOLOLOL ROFLWTIME (figure that one out)

OMG soiii many kisses and hugs,

(^^jk i don't do well with physical touch)