http://pikkuvarpunen.blogspot.fi/, for image--edited by me.

if we're being honest, fall is probably my least favorite season. it gets way too much hype.
this is probably because i'm from texas where it still is hot but we're stuck in school.
don't get me wrong--i used to LOVE october, but i'm more of a spring/summer type of person than a fall/winter. not a big fan of pumpkin flavored things and once Christmas happens winter seems...bleak.
school has bogged me DOWN but i have more ideas for here and want to take it back to what my original intent was--an archive of the things that i love/creative outlet. these are the things that make me feel alive.

fall, or rather autumn, is not necessarily one of those things, but it felt appropriate to update. and plus, i do love that photo of leaves. 

next wednesday night i'm taking a calligraphy class with my friend annie (paper + twine) and i'm so excited !

more to update later, but for now, go enjoy your coffee and whatever it is you fall people enjoy.
(i don't even like coffee...is there something wrong with me?)

happy autumn.
(honestly, i prefer saying autumn... one more thing. why are there two names?! there's only one name for the rest of the seasons. ugh.)