H E L L O !

HELLO! it's been entirely too long. needless to say i've missed my little bloggy way too much and have TONS of ideas for giving it a facelift. the past month has been a blur and here's a little snapshot how. you can expect to hold me accountable to more posts, my friends. don't you worry. each one of these items will be getting their own post to come. let's just say p-p is about to have more stuff going on than it it has ever before in its short little life. happy tuesday and enjoy these little sneak peeks into what is to come!

(two weeks spent at the kappa house 24/7 recruiting freshmen... got some real gems)
(i'm another year wiser, you guys.)
(i've been crafting... a lot. craftown, population: me)
(i've officially put my toes into some experience with home decor! wahoo)
(i've gotten to PLAY and that's been worth it. but it's been equally balanced with work...)

more to come!