wow. i can say with confidence that this was the best summer of my life. the people, the places, the job, the experience, the joy, the heart ache, the everything. it was the perfect summer for where i am right now and i grew in more ways than i knew possible. 

i think the greatest gift of all was getting to grow in my relationship with the Lord. God showed up big time, like He always does, but this summer it was incredibly tangible for me. being videographer, i got to bring glory to God through talents he's blessed me with. He blatantly demonstrated that His plan is greater than mine. 

isaiah 55:8-9 says, 
                                               “For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,And My thoughts than your thoughts.

this summer went nothing like i had planned. there were multiple changes made to the original plan. i can try to interpret what God wanted to teach me in that but there are so many things i learned. everything works out as it should, and i need to have confidence in his perfect plan. i'm excited for what's to come as a result of this summer.
here i am with my media team from the first half of the summer. top to bottom, left to right, (lauren, media director, laura, photographer EXPERT, jordan, photographer and only boy, marissa, kindest sweetest person/photographer, natalie, partner in crime/total nut videographer, and then me.)

these people loved me so well and i loved every second i got to spend with them. laura, lauren, marissa and i stayed together all two months and i wouldn't want to spend that with anyone else but them. i can't wait for the new friendships that have been formed here.

so. much. video. here are a couple shots of me with the cameras. most of the wonderful photos taken of me or taken period were by laura or marissa. thanks to them for having patience with me when i asked for ridiculous photoshoots. mainly of me standing by myself (...thanks marissa)

here i am filming a skit at roundup. marissa is responsible for this super cool photo.

I was overwhelmed with love in the form of letters. a huge THANK YOU to everyone who wrote me. my friends are incredible people and i can't wait to be reunited with them in austin.
one of the greatest parts of this summer was getting to spend time with my sister, paige. she is so much fun and it's great to experience a place we love together. she worked at the younger camp for the first time this summer and she did an incredible job.

i'm going to miss these people beyond belief, but i know it's not the end. we'll all be together again. wow. such goodness in just two months.