okay so here's the thing... i've been in Leakey, TX working at LLYC for the past eight weeks. that means, no cell phone service and strong connections to the outside world. so i can't exactly be blamed for not keeping in better touch.

camp so far has been incredible. i can't wait to write and share more photos. i still have a week left but after that i'll be back to writing and filling in every detail.

i've been busy making videos such as this one:

here are a couple pictures to tide you over (not that really anyone needs tiding over from this blog HA)

the photographers out here are awesome. check out laura's blog here: http://laurakrueger.blogspot.com

here's a tiiiiiny glimpse into the world of laity lodge youth camp:

1. that's a color run that the campers do every session. how cool is that photo?
2. my bff go pro and myself.
3. awesome light painting photo that laura took of me.
4. sista sista time in the greatest place on earth.

this is quick and frazzled and i can't wait to update on EVERYTHING in just one week.