so i've been a little all over the place lately. i thought i'd update on all my adventures. it's hard to maintain this in the summer (although some of my days have been spent doing NOTHING...oops?) but it's been a great summer so far. 
some of this summer has been spent exploring san antonio with my peeps finding the best sunsets and views of the city. friends from high school (grext) and friends from college (parmesean). it's been quite enjoyable 

i've also spent some time teaching myself how to do calligraphy and thus have been a letter writing machine.

i've also gotten to spend some time cruising with my pup.

i also got to go to the GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD! (or so they say... i do love los angeles)
i loved watching various romcoms (you've got mail, 27 dresses, something borrowed, etc) to get excited for this trip! here are a couple of those moments. it was JAM PACKED and i had little opportunity for leisure time or to see anyone i knew who lived in NYC which was sad, but i did get to do some pretty fun things.
i've been very inspired by clouds lately. i've gotten lost in them. they are such a gift. this photo barely does justice for the wonderful cumulonimbuses (cumulonimbi?) i've seen lately. 
clouds are definitely my thing

happy wednesday