talk to me for five minutes and you'll soon hear the story of one great pup, kip.
kip is my little cairn terrier dog. he's 11 years old and i love him with all my heart. he's so loyal and loving. no matter when i get on his nerves, he's always there to love me back. he knows when i'm hurting and loves me well. i think most people with dogs get it. kip really is phenomenal. meet him. you'll soon fall in love too.
as kip as gotten older, he's become more relaxed. he's sitting next to me snoring right now. he's just a little scruff with a lot of empathy. it may be weird to love your dog so much but i owe him a lot. hey sometimes i wish i were more like him: patient, understanding, full of joy at the simplest pleasures, always excited and down for adventure, goes with the flow, doesn't try to control his life, and always accepting of hugs (something i'm not so good about HA!)
we. is. party.