i read a quote yesterday somewhere that expressed the magnificence color holds. it stated that color can change your day, mood, etc etc. i've talked about it before with my mom wondering HOW can so many colors exist. i think that's why i love the sky so much because it holds many breathtaking colors at once. i think i could stare at a crayon box for days (the ones that have over a hundred crayons, that is. it might be weird if i stared at 8 crayons for more than 15 minutes...) i get very specific with names. some of my friends made fun of me once as i was describing a dress i had:

"it's sort of an elephant gray and i think it would look interesting if it had acid yellow with it somewhere on the dress..."
"what is 'elephant gray'.......isn't it just gray?"

well no, not exactly. it wasn't simply gray, but whatever it's beside the point. i love the full names for colors (i.e. purple mountains majesty, macaroni and cheese, salmon, cornflower, cerulean, fuchsia) and when asked my favorite color, well i simply can't decide. that may seem trivial but i think color goes on my list of 100 things that make me feel alive. 

right now these are my favorite colors, well they have been for quite some time. i call them romantic colors. blush, nude, white, ivory, light pink, light gray, light blue and i love mixing them with metallics gold, any sort of light shimmer, silver. these colors are ones you can find in my closet the most and which i enjoy wearing the most. 

don't get me wrong, i can't get enough of neons or brights, heck i love earthy tones too, but right now i'm kind of over the turquoise walls of my bed room and am wishing for something softer.

i'm dying for one of those confetti garlands. that one is from the confetti system. the other sources can be found via my Pinterest

have a great day