sometimes i am convinced that i was born in the wrong time period (then i remember the beauties of modern living cough, the internet). i would love to live in paris in the 20's, or in new york in the 20's (#cliche #whatever) but i am also fascinated with the 1960's. mad men is one of the few shows i watch religiously and i realized this weekend how much i love 1960's las vegas.

the majority of my weekend was spent alone, studying (CoOoOoOoL right?!) but in my spare time i watched 3 movies: ocean's 11, 12 and 13. i have been to las vegas an unusually large number of times (i come from a family of crazy wanderlusters but in a weird sense of the term...) and watching these movies never gets old. ocean's 11 is my favorite, then 13, then 12. i think it all has to do with the fact 11 and 13 take place in sin city. not only does the carefully planned plot get to me (that soderbergh is a genius) but it was the entire feel for the movie. i've been listening to the soundtracks N O N S T O P. there's a glitz and glamour when discussing las vegas, and even more so when the characters discuss what the city used to be like. at one point they reference the important bond between "shaking sinatra's hand." HA, how cool.

CHECK OUT the glamour of those show girls!! the lashes alone are insanity.

next time i go to las vegas i hope to go to the neon museum. i stumbled across it on instagram a couple weeks ago and i couldn't get it out of my head. go look it up! AGH it's so freaking cool!

i hope twinkling lights dance in your head the rest of the day as the sound of slot machines buzzes in your ears (my mom loves the way they sound! i blame it on her UNCANNY luck at slot machines...)

here's a little quote by one famous LV legend, liberace. i must agree with him.