one of the coolest things about austin is all the hidden gems it holds. my friend amy is always who i call upon to adventure with--she's down for anything and that's one of the many things i love about her. (check out her INCREDIBLE blog here) something else i love about her is her love for bacon. when i saw this, i knew we had to go here. we had really great, well-needed conversation over some delicious bacon. i always leave hanging out with her feeling refreshed (post bacon, refreshed but also a little greasy?)

mmmm i had a bacon waffle--literally a waffle with bacon in it.

there was bacon e v e r y w h e r e. even down to the DOOR HANDLE. whaaaat. they had a picture of an american flag with the stripes replaced with bacon and then the waiters, who were incredibly friendly, brought us a freshly baked bacon brownie (say that three times fast) and it was pretty mind-blowingly delicious. i definitely suggest going there. it's on 10th street right off lamar.

(i wasn't lying about the door handle... and isn't amy the cutest?!)