it may be a cliche, but i'm in love with paris. i have at least 5 petite bateau striped shirts in my closet. i always enjoyed paris, but i think the true love started after seeing Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. in the midst of spring, i can't help but have this part of the movie on a continual loop in my head.

here are some of the movie posters below. i can't pick a favorite.

a few years ago my family had the opportunity to travel to paris. i wore a cape, who i became really acquainted with and named "Capey." weird, maybe, but hey we all have quirks. while capey looked good, he provided no. warmth. whatsoever. 
it was SO COLD and that was something i was not prepared for/accustomed to.
i was also into the whole "hand on your hip in pictures" phase and capey made me look a little like Quasimodo.

i guess i'm the new hunchback of notre dame? eh.
to end it, here's my favorite quote from les mis. i wish i had read the book, but alas, only seen the movie.
happy monday