last night i took a spontaneous road trip with some friends to college station to go to a program called breakaway. it consists of worship and then a talk and it's incredible to see the number of students who attend--sometimes up to 10,000!

the speaker was saying how he wants to live a life "out of the boat" and a life "on the water" referencing the story in the bible when jesus calls peter out of the boat to walk on the water encouraging us to turn to God when things seem impossible. it was funny because my small group leader had earlier told me to do just the same. i was kind of like, "ooohhhhkayyyy God, i see what you did there."

i've been pushed out of my comfort zone in C R A Z Y ways this year and it seems as though nothing comes easy. this is sometimes a bratty perspective to take but it holds truth as well. but i don't think i'd want to live an easy life. it's more important to live on the edge and thrive in the discomfort.

if you're comfortable, you don't grow. you're stale. ew.

anyway, the speaker continued said that when people look at him, he wants them to be like "WOW, how does he do it?!" and it reminded me to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. (another friend also gave me an encouraging outlook--rather than seeing it as PUSHING myself, consider it more embracing the adventure) it also reminded me of my first favorite quote by jack kerouac.
(my first favorite quote)

it reminded me to be MAD and to LIVE, taking chances. i was tired last night, but by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and going to breakaway i furthered the relationship with my friends and got to have meaningful truth spoken into me.

i LOVE quotes. i bought this huge book of them called "bartlett's book of familiar quotations." i love their truth and wisdom and the way the words are written. it's beautiful. i found this hidden piece of wisdom on the back of my sweet leaf tea today.
(i should start making peytonisms, MLIPP (my life is peyton perry))

my current favorite quote is by roald dahl. it goes, 

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

mmmm glittering eyes. we live in such a cool place and are given such a gift of life, why not observe and enjoy?

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happy wednesday,