la muralla roja


when i was in new york, i had a quick conversation with one of the other interns about artists we enjoy. i said that i liked matisse because i'm inspired by flat, geometric, and colorful works of art. he said he was the complete opposite. those things did not inspire him.

so i'm led to wonder, how would he feel about la muralla roja? ricardo bofill is a spanish architect whose work triggers everything i love. the colors are so vibrant and these photos frame the architecture so beautifully. i love how it appears flat, but also so three dimensional. it's almost as though you could walk into the photo and get lost among the stairs. these images are all courtesy of ricardo bofill and you can find out a little more about la muralla roja over here. i'm just itching to go to spain to see this in real life.

eighty five degrees

after a short hiatus, i'm back!

the last two weekends have been working weekends with me getting sick in between! i kept beating myself up for being exhausted when in reality i had every right to be tired. sometimes we discredit ourselves for the environments we are placed in. while going to nyc might sound like the ultimate dream work trip, there were a lot of aspects that were draining (two back to back nine hour participation intensive workshops, for example). 

today i get a day off to recover and i also get one on friday (spoiled...) but i do really need them. if we don't take care of ourselves, things go south very quickly. 

moving on.

it has been unseasonably warm in texas. even by texas standards, it's unusual to be 87ยบ in february.

i love it.

i really do not like cold weather and spring may be my favorite season. there's something about the month of april where you can almost taste summer, but it's not quite there yet. in san antonio, april means fiesta where the city is bombarded with color, warmth, and fun.

all this to say, the warm weather inspired me to make a playlist. here's my dreaming of summer playlist for your listening ears:

let me know what you think! now, off to read harry potter for the rest of the day.



yikes. that just about sums up how i feel right now. i've been struggling with a lot of anxiety about my future job, a lot of restless nights, a lot of unexplained frustration, and i'm exhausted. i hope you haven't been feeling this way too, but if so, i'm sorry.

with that said, let's start anew on monday! promise. i'm just not feeling inspired this week and think that next week we will all be in better spirits.